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"Jóvenes CreaTIvos" Program

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In 2019 we created an alliance with the Rofé Foundation, and it has grown considerably. We already have multiple allies who have joined this great initiative that is “Jóvenes CreaTIvos”. It seeks to train young people from vulnerable conditions.

We train young people for work and entrepreneurship, as software developers, and we seek to empower them to forge a worthy future. We serve as a bridge to help companies re- recruit human talent for their technology teams. We partner with private companies and the public sector to generate a social impact aligned with SDGs 1, 4, 5, 8, 10, and 17.

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Sebastián Pulgarín

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Sebastián is a former student from the “Jóvenes creaTIvos” Program 2020 and graduated as bachelor from the “I.E. Las Nieves”, a Colombian public school. His enthusiasm, perseverance, and commitment guarantees that he will continue to make the most of this opportunity and that he will achieve personal and professional success. Currently, he is an employee at Sofka Technologies.


It is a knowledge exchange event based on trends, innovation, and soft skills that are relevant for the IT industry. We emphasize on sharing and developing knowledge to support  IT challenges.

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